SMARTFOX intelligently manages your solar energy to optimize self-consumption.

SMARTFOX's intelligent technology automatically redirects your excess solar energy to consumers within your home to improve your photovoltaic system's efficiency. SMARTFOX uses devices that heat water, such as a boiler, as a key element in improving your energy efficiency. If your solar energy is not being used, these consumers provide ideal energy storage in the element of water. Use SMARTFOX in conjunction with the SMARTFOX Car Charger to optimize your energy consumption while also charging your electric car! SMARTFOX can be installed in new and existing systems.








SMARTFOX monitors and redirects your solar energy production and consumption throughout the day. When you are not using all the solar energy you are producing, SMARTFOX sends the excess to other consumers within your home to make sure your self-consumption is optimized.

Easily monitor your energy production and consumption on our easy to use yet extensive web monitoring service - You are also able to set and manage your device from our online interface.

Ideal for the individual - SMARTFOX has 4 definable relays that you can choose. For example, connect your wash machine so that when your solar energy plant is in surplus,  SMARTFOX can cleverly switch the relay on to make sure that energy stays in your own home.


Optimize your energy consumption by charging your electric car with excess solar energy!


The SMARTFOX Car Charger gives you the best of both worlds, quick and reliable charging when you need it, but also the ability to charge your electric car with the solar energy you aren't using. There you can optimize your solar energy consumption while also making sure your electric car is always ready to go. SMARTFOX, an intelligent energy consumption management system, measures your photovoltaic's systems exact amount of excess energy and continously redirects it to the SMARTFOX Car Charger.  The Car Charger has a type-2 plug and is compatible with many electric cars, for example, the Tesla Model S and the BMW i3.


With our new app you can monitor and manage your system from anywhere!

With the new SMARTFOX app, you have all the functionalities we have on available to you on the go. You no longer have to stay home to be able to keep an eye on and to manage your energy usage. Turn on your heating on your way back from a holiday for example, so that you and your family can return to a warm and cozy house after traveling. Download our app from the App store or from Google play and be sure to leave us some feedback!







Intelligently consume more of your own solar energy and improve the efficiency of  your photovoltaic system and home now!

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By using SMARTFOX's efficient technology, you can reduce the payback period of your PV system by up to 10 years!

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SMARTFOX’s intelligent technology not only pays for itself, but also helps you earn your money back quickly on your pv systems!

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Cleverly manage and use your excess solar energy to charge your electric car while also improving your home's efficiency!

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Improve your home's efficiency by combining SMARTFOX 's technology with your E-Car to be able to charge with excess solar energy.

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SMARTFOX was developed to be quickly and easily installed into any existing photovoltaic plant.

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